About Me

Lifestyle photographer and Designer

Hello, my name is Carmen..

I am a nomadic creative that specialise in design & photography, dedicated to capturing real moments, creating strategic content & crafting beautiful brands with mindful design. I get excited about clean & sustainable visual communication, beautiful packaging, eco friendly innovation, creating – whether it is illustrating, ceramics, styling or design, the ocean and a perfect sunset.



A Creative with a mind for business


I love helping small business bands move forward one project at a time & it brings me great joy to join their brand journey. I provide the following services to help small brands and entrepreneurs get online & moving forward..


+ BRANDING : Strategic Positioning, Logo design, Brandmark + Brand personality development

+ DESIGN : Print, Digital, Social  & Web

+ PHOTOGRAPHY : Family Photography, Social Content & Commercial Photoshoots

+ MANAGEMENT (Monthly retainer) : Website, SEO, Social Media & Email campaigns


My experience/qualifications..

I have a professional background and qualification in BA-Information Design [ ~ Graphic design, Photography, Multi-media, Visual Communication & Marketing ] .  I also studied Digital Photography & Social Management further after I graduated. I am a published photographer and have 15 Years of creative problem solving experience in co-directing/founding Nestling Photography & Affinity Media ~Branding & Web design. 


How do I like to work..

I take on a handful of clients that I work closely with to establish their re/Branding from the ground up – concept & to launch. I think of each project as a collaboration & can only give my best when my clients are invested.


My approach to photography..

I specialise in the family, baby & lifestyle product market. It’s an industry I know and love!

I would describe my visual style as minimal, timeless & elegant – it reflects the vulnerability of true moments accentuated by natural light, clean lines & honest smiles.

Cape town

The Origin

Why Salt & Earth..

Salt & Earth was always a pipeline dream – I love to travel and discover unique places that spark joy and feed my creativity so during Covid, I decided that 2020 is the year to launch and re-establish myself as a nomadic creative. 

I believe that it is so important to you use the talents & resource that God has given you – and to find a way to use what is in your hand to fulfil what is in your heart.  It is no secret that I have a passionate obsession with the ocean and soil! Born in January – my love for sunshine and with a grounded earth sign, being a potter, gardener, photographer & designer – all of this was carefully considered in deciding what to call my new venture. 


Salt & Earth..

Symbolises inland and ocean – my two main bases.
Salt – My love for God (permanence), the ocean, loyalty & creative value (my resource). 
Earth – a symbol of strong grounding, my family, the farm and the need for structure. 

Fun history .. in Roman times, salt helped to create empires and soldiers were partly paid in salt. It is said to be from this – that the word soldier – ‘sal dare’, meaning to give salt came about. And also the same source we get the word salary, ‘salarium’.

Capte town dreams
Cape town

The Vision

What I believe in..

+ Clear and simple visual communication

+ Timeless & authentic work

+ Slow fashion

+ Sustainable design solutions

+ Cohesive brand voice

+ Supporting small business, creatives & shopping local

+ Learning from mistakes. adjusting & trying again

+ Setting goals and mapping out a strategy

+ Outsourcing what you can’t manage

+ Adding value not just direct – but generational impact

+ Align over hustle.

+ That every one has been given a dream that is purpose driven.

+ Planting and investing for tomorrow


Design work:
Booking for SEP & OCT.
* I have one retainer slot open for Web/SEO, Design or Social Management


Upcoming photoshoots
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Aug & September
Christmas Bookings
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2024 info coming soon

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