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Frequently asked questions..

Pricing & Contact

What are the terms of payment?

50% Deposit upfront to secure scheduled dates for your project - the balance is due on handover. Kindly note that full payment needs to reflect in our account before access to final files will be granted.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we offer a 3 & 6 month payment plan. Kindly note that we can only release project files once full payment has cleared in our account.

How can I get an instant quote?

We have our Pricing PDF doc available with estimates of the Design services we offer. Kindly note that we would need a full project brief in order to quote you accurately.


The difference btw designing a logo & creating a brand?

A logo by itself is a graphic element that is used to represent your brand. In order to design a successful logo or brandmark, you have to first look at your brand objectives. To create a brand you have to identify key elements like your offerings, the target audience, your ideal customer's persona, your strategic positioning, the tone & personality of your brand etc.. Your brandmark should be designed within the frame of your branding specs.

Can I skip the branding phase & just use a logo template/app?

A logo is not just a font &/or a graphic/icon creatively slapped together to look pretty. Your logo has to functional & include more than one variation to use on different platforms. Where & how you use this mark will determine results so make sure you consult a professional who can help you communicate with a strong and strategic visual presence.

Web Design

Domains Registration & Hosting..

We do not offer Domain Registration & Hosting but can help you set this up via our company's host - Digital Synergy. Not sure what this is? A domain is your registered name (ex: that will be the home of your new website. Hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your website files onto the internet.

Web ownership & maintenance..

You are the owner of the website & we handover all access & files on deployment of your website. We do however offer Web-maintenance retainers that include WP, Plugins & Theme updates, along with content management. Unless you sign up for a monthly retainer package with us or a yearly upgrade - it will be your responsibility to keep your site up to date.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is our preferred platform to use, it is one of the most popular content management systems available and we love it! All our websites are constructed by using a high quality WordPress Theme. We cater for the small business, entrepreneur & creative market and do not take on big web dev projects. Should you wish to design a website from scratch we can send you to one of our Web dev partners to help with your custom or large scope projects.

Why SEO?

SEO plays an important part in your content & marketing strategy. It will help you rank higher & attract more traffic to your website. There is no quick link or strip of code that we ``copy & paste`` to your backend that will make your website go from 0 to 100. No one can promise you front page results over night! SEO is a process like any reputation management strategy. Search engines like Google will always assign preference to results that are the most RELEVANT & REPUTE. Not showing up on the first page? Believe me it is not necessarily your developer's fault. A few questions below, you can answer to find out if you are doing all you can to rank higher.. Is your web & social content relevant to your industry? Are you good at what you do? What is your online reputation like? Do you have a good website that is both functional & responsive? Want to learn more about why we practise Ethical (white hat) SEO & how we can help.. Enquire via Contact πŸ™‚

Social Media

What is Social Content Management?

In a nutshell it's the management of your content, creative representation & communication on Social platforms. All this is done via planning & creating content according to brand specs. This includes, content creation - copy + creative (design, photography, video etc..), setting up a content calendar, scheduling content & managing/evaluating communication & actions on Social platforms.

What is Social Marketing Management?

It involves a Marketing strategy: setting up measurable goals & objectives based on Brand specs, creating ad content + creative, setting up adverts & executing your ideal 'Customer journey' - the process from awareness to consumer/fan/client. It also includes analysing your KPI's to evaluate the success of your campaigns & how you can optimise results. It is a 'test & trail' journey to get to a recipe that works for your brand, so the analytics form a very important part of your Marketing strategy.

What is the difference btw Paid & Organic reach?

In short - Organic social content is posted for free & will show up on the Feeds of people that already follow you. Paid social content is shared to help you reach a larger targeted audience via boosted posts or ads created with specific objectives via Ads Manager.

Paid or Organic & where do I start?

You need both! The two work together πŸ™‚ - You can start by incorporating an organic reach strategy as part of your social content management plan. Having relevant & evergreen content on your page will help set the tone of your brand & allow new followers to engage. Ps: Paid reach will not help your reputation when new followers are greeted with an empty page or content that is stale - you will waste your money! SO START HERE!! Boosted posts/stories & adverts will help with Brand awareness (introducing new followers to your page/products/service). Start by setting your marketing objectives & goals. Create your content + creative around your brand strategy, the audience you want to target & the results you want to achieve. So in short: Organic (engagement) + Paid (awareness) - Starts with a good Content Management + Social Marketing Strategy πŸ’ͺ

Why invest in a social retainer?

Having a Social Media Manager will help make sure that you have a strategy in place, that it aligns with you Brand specs, that your content is relevant, clear & consistent, and they will ultimately have your best interest at heart. Delegating your social content will help open cup your schedule to focus on your admin, client relationships and being an expert in your industry.

Do you offer help with Google Tools?

Yes, we can assist by helping you optimise your 'Google My Business (GMB)' page for local search & reviews. We also assist with Google shopping, Google Analytics & Google Ads (prev. known as Adwords). We do not offer Google+ in our social management retainer packages but can help set its up for you.

YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit...?

The answer is simple - NO, you don't need to be on every platform to maintain an engaging and successful social presence. Talk to your Social Manager about picking a few platforms that makes sense for your brand's TA.

Email Marketing & Content

Do you offer help with Emails?

Yes, I help with setup of email services like Mailchimp/Madmimmi/Constant Contact etc..
I also provide monthly content retainers for automated mails, Sign up pages, Newsletters, drip campaigns & database management.

Is Email Marketing still relevant?

Even though it is the older brother of Digital Marketing, it has stood the test of time & is still alive and getting its 'Whole Shack Shimmy' on. Mainly used to measure engagement & generate leads, Email Marketing is easy to track & determine if it is worth your time & effort. But keep in mind it is not just about creating pretty emails - having a targeted database is key to running a successful Campaign. Be selective when adding a bunch of emails from a 'freebie promotion' - in fact try to avoid this. Focus on targeting your ideal customer with Sign up pages & strategic marketing efforts. Quality over quantity is key! This will also help increase your ROI & have less 'fall offs'.


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